There's no doubt that communities on Vancouver Island are growing rapidly each year. As we clear land to make way for new homes and businesses, we are also reducing the amount of habitat for both plants and animals. Wilder Restoration seeks to work with the yards and open spaces within our urban areas to try to recoup some of what has been lost. We do this through "re-wilding" spaces with native species specific to the needs of the site to best fulfill their true functions in nature. This can look like rainwater gardens to redirect and reduce excess storm water, erosion control for slopes or streamsides, biodiversity enhancement to attract pollinators and birds, or even looking to the future to create climate resilient gardens. It is our belief that you can have a space that is beautiful, low maintenance, functional, and promotes a healthy environment. We also believe that a strong environment requires a strong community which is why we only purchase materials from locally owned businesses.



We are Emma and Sierra and we're the owners and operators of Wilder Restoration. Wilder Restoration was born out of our love for restoring ecosystems and working with the community. We love the diversity that this island has to offer and feel that this has a very important role in creating healthy happy neighborhoods and communities. We both share the same passion for making change and sharing knowledge with our community, empowering residents to steward the lands they live on. With extensive backgrounds in ecological restoration, ecosystem management and design, our mission is to bring diversity and life back to yards and spaces for human and wildlife to enjoy. We believe in the connection between each living system including the role humans play within those systems. We all have the power to give back to the environment while also reaping the rewards, and we're here to help you do just that in your own backyard!



Restoration Consultant

 Emma has had an interest in nature from an early age. Growing up in rural Ontario, Emma’s parents encouraged her to have a relationship with the natural world which later led to her pursuing a degree in Visual Arts and Photography, and a double diploma in Ecosystem Management Technology. After moving to the Island she continued her studies at Royal Roads University, completing a BSc in Environmental Sciences.

It was not long after her graduation from Royal Roads that her passion for capturing wild spaces through photography and art and communicating them to the public, landed her a job as the Communications lead at Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society. Along with communication her job was largely focused on leading restoration projects.

In her free time, Emma works on her incredible garden and house plant collection and also sits on the board of directors for the Greater Victoria Greenbelt Society. Her passion for conservation extends into all aspects of her life! 

Emma's favorite Native plant: Calypso Orchid and Western Trumpet Honeysuckle

"Thousands of tired, nerve shaken, over civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity"~John Muir



Restoration Consultant

Sierra was raised in Ucluelet and has been an island girl since. With a degree in Geography and a diploma in Restoration of Natural Systems, her work has been largely focused on connecting people with what’s in their own backyard.

She bridges her interests in sustainable living with nature in all that she does and shares that with others. Immersed in the non profit world since finishing her education, Sierra’s work at the Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre has been focused on building the Restoration and Freshwater Program.

She takes her work seriously and continues to strive for a more just and sustainable world through conserving habitat and restoring areas that have been degraded. Sierra’s specific specialties are utilizing bioengineering techniques, working in riparian zones and building salmon habitat. By creating a community through education tools, she gets to share her values and connect with people from all walks of life. 

Sierra’s favorite Native Plant: Vanilla Leaf and Skunk Cabbage 

“Plants are not optional on this planet. With few exceptions, neither we or anything else, can live without them.”

― Douglas Tallamy